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Strengthening Bonds in a Changing World

The strategic coordination between Pakistan, China, and Russia accentuates the necessity of trilateral cooperation in shaping the evolution of global

Unveiling Dynamics: Safeguarding Chinese Interests in Pakistan.

Economic cooperation between China and Pakistan has undoubtedly advanced, yet we must remain vigilant as security challenges persist, posing significant

Tackling Inflation in Pakistan: The Consumer Dost Portal Solution

By Rana Irfan Rafi Inflation is a big problem in Pakistan. It means that prices keep going up, and it's

Transforming Taxation in Pakistan, Integrating the Transport Sector into Tajir Dost Tax Scheme

By Rana Irfan Rafi The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recently introduced the Tajir Dost Tax Scheme, aimed at incentivizing

Moving Towards Fair Taxation: FBR’s Retailer Tax Web Portal

Taxation stands as the cornerstone of economic development in any nation, providing the essential financial resources for public services, infrastructure,


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