TechWisely Ltd Powers Saudi Giant Almarai’s Loyalty Program with AI

January 10, 2024
Updated 2024/01/10 at 1:31 PM
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Riyadh — Techwisely will be implementing customer loyalty module of its state-of-the-art digital commerce platform for Almarai Saudi Arabia. This achievement signifies a significant milestone in cross-border technological collaboration.

TechWisely, an industry leader of Pakistani origin, is the architect of Planckly, the advanced AI platform driving Almarai’s loyalty initiatives. In a distinct business model, Almarai is adopting Techwisely’s Planckly AI platform for the launch of its loyalty program.
This noteworthy collaboration showcases TechWisely’s capacity to develop and export cutting-edge technological solutions. Planckly’s AI capabilities, including data capture from receipts without Point of Sale (POS) integration, ensure a seamless and efficient process for Almarai’s loyalty program.
The integration of Techwisely’s technology into Almarai’s operations underscores Pakistan’s prowess in technology export and highlights the flourishing tech startup culture in the country. This partnership positions Pakistan as a key contributor to the global tech landscape.
This collaboration is a testament to the vibrant tech ecosystem in Pakistan, reinforcing the nation’s potential to deliver innovative technological solutions to international markets. It signifies a significant step in the evolution of Pakistan’s tech export and startup culture, showcasing the country’s ability to innovate and make substantial contributions to the global technology landscape.

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