Pic story: inheritor of dragon and phoenix candles making craft

January 29, 2024
Updated 2024/01/29 at 7:54 AM
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The making craft of dragon and phoenix candles, a pair of candles with a dragon figure on one candle and a phoenix of the other, is an intangible cultural heritage of Chongqing Municipality. The candles bear the wishes for good luck and brightness and represent people’s yearning for a better life. Because of the complicated production procedures and low profit of making the traditional dragon and phoenix candles, the inheritance of the craft has once been challenged.

In order to upgrade the products and to meet the market demand, Chen Jianyou, an inheritor of the craft, improved and innovated the appearance of dragon and phoenix candles after mastering the traditional skills. In recent years, Chen’s workshop has launched cultural and creative products such as aromatherapy candles to draw customers of younger generations.

“Any industry needs continuous innovation and meets the needs of the customers, especially traditional crafts,” Chen said.


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