DG Sindh Food Authority Commends Sunridge Foods for Fortification & Exemplary Food Safety Practices

January 22, 2024
Updated 2024/01/22 at 7:48 PM
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Islamabad: Agha Fakhar Hussain, the Director General of the Sindh Food Authority (SFA), and his team carried out a thorough assessment of food processing facilities during their visit to Sunridge Flour Mill and Unity Foods Edible Oil Refinery at Port Qasim. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate and applaud the hygiene, safety, and quality standards implemented by these leading entities in the food industry.

Mr. Hussain, DG Sindh Food Authority, praised Sunridge Flour Mill for its outstanding commitment to hygiene policies and stringent food safety measures. He expressed, “The impressive hygiene standards and food safety measures observed at Sunridge deserve recognition. We aim to raise awareness about the adoption of such rigorous hygiene practices and food safety measures among industries in Sindh.”

The Director General and his team toured the processing units and lab facilities, where they observed an impressive 35-point quality checks for every batch of production. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the purity of food is maintained at the highest standards. The visit included discussions with the administration and technical personnel, aiming to understand and appreciate the innovative approaches employed by Sunridge Foods in ensuring food safety.

Mr. Hussain underscored the importance of highlighting such exemplary practices for other food businesses. He expressed, “Following our visit to Sunridge, we aim to use their example to inspire and guide other food businesses and industries, showcasing Sunridge as a model to follow.”

The Director General looks forward to fostering a continued connection with Sunridge Foods, expecting them to not only maintain their current standards but also lead in adopting new innovations and rules for the entire industry.

The visit exemplifies Sunridge Foods’ dedication to providing fortified products and upholding the utmost standards of food safety and hygiene, in alignment with international standards.

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