Celebrating Year of the Dragon – 2024 Happy Chinese New Year grand celebrations kicked off in Pakistan

February 7, 2024
Updated 2024/02/07 at 1:38 PM
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Islamabad – February 7, 2024 : China Cultural Center in Pakistan and the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan have jointly launched a series of activities to grandly celebrate the ‘2024 Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon’ in Pakistan.

Taikonauts at China’s Tiangong space station extended New Year’s greetings for the Year of Dragon to audience and the global Chinese community via video message, officially launching 2024 Happy Chinese New Year activities throughout the world.

China Cultural Center in Pakistan has launched a wide range of exciting online events, such as cultural performances, exhibitions, documentaries on culture, arts, tourism, and more, to showcase rich celebrations of the Lunar Chinese New Year.

In order to celebrate Chinese New Year with the community, China Cultural Center in Pakistan has joined hands with China Window in Peshawar, Silk Road Cultural Centre in Quetta as well as the well-known restaurant MONAL group. In this regard, the MONAL restaurant would allow Islamabad locals to experience the joyous Chinese New Year ambiance.

Through this activity, Chinese nationals residing in Pakistan will have the chance to enjoy and celebrate Chinese New Year in Pakistan in addition to helping Pakistani citizens participate in the festivities.

Chinese New Year also known as ‘Spring Festival’ is the most important festival of the year for the Chinese nation. It is an important opportunity for families and friends to get together and celebrate the new year. The Chinese people strive to make this event as special as possible, often spending hours preparing food and decorations for the events of the festival.

Happy Chinese New Year is usually celebrated with loud showcases of talents, fireworks, and the adornment of red on everything, each coming with their cultural symbolism. Behind the colorful idiosyncrasies lie a period of renewal and welcoming of the future, while inversely also harkening back to one’s roots of community, familial bond, and self-reflection.

China Cultural Center in Pakistan will also launch more activities on various social media platforms.

Friends from Pakistan can visit social media platforms including Facebook and Wechat to witness the festive celebration of 2024 Happy Chinese New Year.
and the Center’s Director X(formerly Twitter) account: @zhang_heqing

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