Address by His Excellency Mr. Andrey Fedorov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Karachi on the Second Anniversary of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine

February 19, 2024
Updated 2024/02/19 at 6:22 PM
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Dear friends,

Two years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine in order to stop the war, which Western countries instigated against us ten years ago. On this occasion, let me provide a briefing of the main events that led to the current situation and left us with no other choice. At the beginning of 2014, against the background of military development of the Ukrainian territory and opening of NATO’s doors, the US and EU provoked a coup d’état in Ukraine. After their seizure of power, the nationalist Junta started to issue laws and decrees to strictly limit the use of Russian language, which is spoken by at least half of Ukrainian people. Watching all these concerning developments, the people of Crimea, who are mostly ethnic Russians, appealed to us for protection, as they felt a direct threat from Kiev, and we could not abandon them. Then, Ukraine started a war in Donbass, the Eastern part of the country, using aircraft and artillery against civilians, who demanded a greater autonomy and a right to use their mother tongue. In a short while, after a series of devastating losses by the Ukrainian military, the plan of a peaceful settlement in Donbass was set forth in Minsk. However, the whole Ukrainian leadership explicitly said that they were not going to implement its’ terms from the very beginning. Just a year and a half ago, former leaders of Germany and France openly confirmed this to the whole world. Nobody wanted to negotiate peacefully, everybody wanted to resolve the issue by military force only. And we could not let that happen at all cost.

Moreover, one of the main goals of the Special Military Operation announced by Vladimir Putin is the denazification of Ukraine, which means the prohibition of all kinds of neo-Nazi movements. This is a fact that in modern Ukraine monuments to the people like Bandera and Shukhevich – literal Nazis, who exterminated Poles, Jews and Russians – are being erected. Their faces are displayed on flags, and crowds that walk with torches, as it was in Nazi Germany, shout their names. This phenomenon is not just limited to Ukrainian territory, but supported by the West as well. The recent story of the visit of Vladimir Zelenzky to Canada is a clear manifestation. Half a year ago, the President of Ukraine stood up with the entire Canadian Parliament and applauded to a man who served in the SS troops and personally killed Russians, Poles and Jews. Such disrespect to the history and human morality is leading Western countries to the inevitable decadence.

Right at the very beginning of the Special Military Operation, the Anglo-Saxon countries, having recalled their historical past, saw this conflict as an opportunity to save their debt-ridden and skidding economies with the help of military production orders. It was Boris Johnson, then the Prime Minister of Great Britain, who came and told the Ukrainian delegation during the talks in Istanbul in March-April 2022, not to sign any peace agreement and continue fighting. These are not rumours, the negotiation group leader from Ukraine, Mr. David Arakhamia, confirmed this fact himself. The United States and their military production complex continue to add the fuel to the fire. By doing so, they are looting and weakening the EU, which is their next prey. However, the things got out of their control. It has become absolutely clear that billions of American and European taxpayers’ money are being completely wasted in Ukraine. Their so hyped-up “counteroffensive” has miserably failed. Thousands of people were used as a cannon fodder, but zero success has been achieved and now they had to transition to “defence”. In an act a pure desperation Western powers are creating more chaos and anarchy in order to distract the rest of the world from their previous mistakes. Conflicts in Ukraine, Palestine, Yemen, threats to Iran and Venezuela – these are the links of the same chain. Their incompetence and arrogance caused unbelievable misery and destabilization on global scale. However, they do not even realize that they are digging their own grave and they will soon reap what the sown and face catastrophic consequences.

Currently, Ukraine and Western powers are in a complete impasse. They are finally realizing that they can not win on the battlefield, but at the same time they refuse to hold any negotiations. It was the President of Ukraine, who himself issued a decree prohibiting talks with Russia, while we have never avoided them. However, one thing has always been self-evident – all conflicts eventually end with peace, and this one will be no exemption. The endless mobilization in Ukraine, the hysteria, the domestic problems – sooner or later it all will result in an agreement with Russia. And without no doubt, the goals of the Special Military Operation will be achieved and victory will be ours!

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