45th Anniversary of Victory of the Islamic Revolution & National Day of Iran Celebrated

February 12, 2024
Updated 2024/02/12 at 6:33 PM
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Islamabad, Pakistan – February 12, 2024: The 45th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution & National Day of Iran was solemnly celebrated in Islamabad, Pakistan, with esteemed guests and dignitaries from both nations gathering to commemorate this significant milestone. The event, held at a prestigious venue in Islamabad, was graced by the presence of notable figures including Mr. Jalil Jilani, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, who honored the occasion as the chief guest.

In addition to Mr. Jilani, the event was attended by distinguished personalities such as Mr. Murtaza Solangi, Information Minister, and Mr. Kamran Tessori, Governor Sindh, who added further grace and significance to the proceedings. The gathering also saw the participation of various local officials, dignitaries, diplomats, military ranks, and members of the media, underscoring the importance of the occasion in strengthening bilateral ties and fostering mutual understanding between Pakistan and Iran.

The commemorative event featured speeches highlighting the historical significance of the Islamic Revolution and the enduring friendship between Pakistan and Iran. Attendees reflected on the shared values and common aspirations that bind the two nations together, reaffirming their commitment to deepening cooperation in various fields for the mutual benefit of both countries and the wider region.

As the evening progressed, the atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and goodwill, reflecting the warmth of the longstanding relationship between Pakistan and Iran. The highlight of the event was the cake cutting ceremony, symbolizing the shared joy and camaraderie of the occasion. Guests were then treated to a sumptuous dinner, offering a delightful culmination to the evening’s festivities.

The celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution & National Day of Iran in Islamabad serves as a testament to the enduring bonds of friendship and solidarity between the peoples of Pakistan and Iran. Such gatherings not only celebrate shared history but also pave the way for enhanced collaboration and understanding between nations.

As the event concluded, attendees departed with renewed optimism and a strengthened resolve to continue nurturing the close ties and cooperation that define the relationship between Pakistan and Iran.

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